Manufacturer of trailers since 1922

Founded in 1922 in Turin, VIBERTI has since become the Italian manufacturer of reference in its sector, building its reputation on an exceptionally wide range of transport vehicles, with production that extends from trailers for transporting goods to buses for transporting persons, from classic equipment for cars to specialized equipment dedicated to different functions, both civilian and military.

The VIBERTI logo was present on many of the vehicles used by the Italian Armed Forces in the years of conflict. A large proportion of the trailers with which the Italian transport companies set up the first regular domestic and international services in the post-war period came from VIBERTI plants.

Today, thanks to the entry of the Italian Trailer Company into the group, VIBERTI products are manufactured using the most advanced production processes, in particular in terms of welding phases, executed by anthropomorphic robots, and the anticorrosion treatments for cathodic electrodeposition, which can achieve a varnish protection that is three times more effective than traditional systems. Traditionally, close attention is paid to qualitative control in every phase of the production process (VIBERTI was the first company in the sector to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1995), and huge resources are constantly dedicated to product development.