Q.A.S. Policy

Viberti Rimorchi S.R.L. produces industrial vehicles for road transport of goods and products using processes and machinery that represent the highest technological achievement currently present on the market.

Viberti Rimorchi’s industrial plan is based on the principle of continuous improvement focused on obtaining technical and technological leadership on reference market with products and services that can fully satisfy clients’ needs.

Viberti Rimorchi is also aware of the environmental and social role that its industrial complexes have in the regions in which they operate, which is why it is very attentive to the requirements of local communities and its own employees.

Inspired by such principles, the management supports the development of the Quality Management System, which, thanks to the appropriate means and resources, guarantees:

  • The identification of the expressed and unexpressed requirements of  the client and delivery of products and services that satisfy such requirements;
  • The highest level of protection of environment and ecosystem;
  • Maximum attention to safety and protection of the employees’ health.
  • The entire Viberti Rimorchi organization, on every level and responsibility, is committed to guaranteeing:
  • Full compliance with the conforming norms applicable to products and absolute respect of all the legal prescriptions to protect the environment and employees’ health;
  • Planning and performance of industrial processes focused to continuously improve the quality of products and to prevent any kind of pollution and risk to employees’ health;
  • The availability of human, technical and economic resources to maintain a continuous process of reduction and improvement of its environmental impacts;
  • A high level of knowledge and competence of all staff so that every employee can contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • The development of a “co-makership” policy with its suppliers.

Furthermore, Viberti Rimorchi wants to establish a dialogue with interested third parties to guarantee accurate dissemination of information and to collect all the external feedback that can be useful to improve relations between Viberti Rimorchi’s system and the industrial, economic and social world in which it operates.

In an attempt to guarantee respect for these policy principles, the management and those responsible periodically define objectives and programs for continuous improvement in quality, environment and safety.

Those responsible ensure the fulfilment of programs through collaboration of all employees, so that they can participate in achieving these business goals, in relation to their own tasks and responsibilities.

Periodically, the management reconsiders its policy so that it can always adapt to the goals of the organization, to the nature of environmental impacts and to aspects of employee safety and health. The present policy is made known to all Viberti Rimorchi’s employees through communication and awareness campaigns, and is made available to the public.